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CCHARM has no political agenda. It is solely concerned to relieve the suffering of the most vulnerable part of the population - young children who have been the innocent victims of military action and mines.

This is how the war correspondent Anthony Loyd described the armed conflict that lasted until Chechens recaptured theirs capital in August 1996:

"The war in Chechnya - it was like nothing I had ever seen before. In terms of the scale of violence, fear and horror, it left anything in my experience so far behind as to make it almost insignificant. You can grade conflicts according to intensity if you desire: low, medium and high. Chechnya blew the bell off the end of the gauge, and revealed an extreme of war to me that I had no conception of. Afterwards my understanding of conflict was never quite the same again. It was indeed a glimpse from the edge of hell."

Anthony Loyd, My War Gone by,
I Miss It So, Anchor, 2000, pp 235-6

We are not politically biased but we want to make this war an issue in order to push our governments into action. Too many atrocities and violations of basic human rights have been committed to allow us to close our eyes to a human tragedy of vast proportions that could end up in the genocide of a small nation on the borders of Europe under the pretext of "war against terrorism".

The Charity's objectives are: To provide and promote treatment, healthcare and education for the relief of sickness, injury and suffering of the children of the Chechnya, irrespective of class, ethnic background or religious belief.

Their closed personal interest and knowledge of Chechnya is complimented by a network of friends across Europe who are also giving their support on a completely voluntary basis. In September 2001, Carlo di Pamparato brought five wounded children from Chechnya for treatment in Italy on behalf of another charity.

CCHARM is a small charity with modest administrative expenses thus ensuring prompt and efficient use of its resources. The Council of Management will provide regular financial and operational reports. Tens of thousands of civilians have been killed and many more seriously injured by bombings, missiles and artillery fire in the brutal repression carried out by the Russian armed forces. In the face of this tragedy we appeal for financial contributions.

From left to right:
Lord Nick Rea, Carlo di Pamparato, Vanessa Redgrave at the launch of Ccharm in January 2003 at the House of Lords. Vanessa gave strong support to Ccharm by attending the Press Conference and talking to the press

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